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Strataego Advies

Allround advisory office



Business Administration up-to-date Addressing your financial administration and needs. Help with digitalization. From sole proprietorship to SME+.

Tax returns

Private tax returns and business tax returns. Also expert in all personal tax returns. Tax saving.

Tax advice

Tax expert for entrepreneurs and individuals. Understanding your tax options. Strategically resolve your tax issue. Both national and international.

Financial Advice

Financial Strategies. Understanding of goals. A financial plan provides insight into your options. With good financial advice, you can achieve your goals.

Legal Advice

Mediating and negotiating. You can submit your legal question to our legal experts. Specialist in employment law, contract law and corporate law.

Getting to know you

You are welcome to schedule an introductory meeting. We take the time to identify your needs and possibilities. Clear agreements beforehand.

"Where I had almost given up hope and trust in a good outcome, Strataego Advice proceeded energetically. Professional, discreet, empathetic and particularly focused".

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"Strataego has short lines of communication with internal accountants, advisors and the notary which has allowed me to quickly convert my contracts with my clients."

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"The support was fast, decisive and adequate; the contact pleasant, understanding and pleasantly 'basic'. And what we certainly want to mention is that we were touched by the human touch in the contact and the settlement."

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Request a consultation

Short lines, clear communication and an efficient approach are what we stand for. We are happy to show you that we make a difference. With a driven team of professionals, we are happy to work to efficiently resolve your case. We do this every day with great energy, enthusiasm and commitment. 

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